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TV Lift

Television-liftTV-lift for short, or also TV-lifting system, is an electrically powered mechanical system which lifts or moves televisions vertically out of furniture, ceilings or partition walls. The main reason for using such a system is in order to integrate a television into the existing interior design of a room without the television disrupting the overall design appearance. 

Compact and quiet. Ideal to conceal screens and monitors. It is easily assembled with just a few screws. Commonly used to keep your television out of sight until it’s needed. Contact us today!

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TV-Lift for a cabinet

  • Input Voltage:                  110V – 230Vac
  • Load Capacity:                 800N (80kg)
  • Max Speed:                      35mm/s
  • Stroke:                              910mm
  • TV Size:                             42″ – 70″
  • Min Install Dimension:    725mm
  • Fully Extended Length:   1635mm
  • Duty Cycle:  10% (max 2 min on / 18min off)                  (Lifting mechanism only, exclude the cabinet)

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If you need to lower your TV down from a ceiling, then you need a drop-down mechanism.  Our Drop down units are universal and fit most TV sizes. 

Our drop-down motorized TV-lift model. In seconds, you can lower your television from the ceiling and raise it back to hide in plain sight when it’s not being used. It’s slim dimensions and easy installation makes it a popular choice for homeowners, audio & video installers and innovators to use in their living room, kitchen, offices etc. Contact us today for a free quote.


TV-Lift for the ceiling

  • Input Voltage:                  230Vac
  • Load Capacity:                 500N (50kg)
  • Max Speed:                      22mm/s
  • Stroke:                              50″ / 1 270mm
  • TV Size:                             30″ – 95″
  • Minimum Height:            1587mm
  • Fully Extended Length:   2857mm
  • Duty Cycle:  10% (max 2 min on / 18min off)

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Accessories Included


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