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Linear Actuators South Africa

Your local supplier of Linear Actuators based in Cape Town, South Africa.  

We offer a wide range of linear actuators from small micro linear actuators to your larger industrial and robust linear actuators.

6.4N to 188N
650g to 19kg

100N to 800N
10kg to 80kg

200N to 2 000N
20kg to 200kg

3 000N

1 000N to 3 000N
100kg to 300kg

50N & 3 500N
5kg & 350kg

6 000N Push & 4000N Pull
600kg & 400kg

6 000N Push & 4000N Pull
600kg & 400kg

2 000N to 7 000N
200kg – 700kg

2 000N to 10 000N
200kg to 1 000kg

10 000N
1 000kg

3 200N to 12 000N
320kg to 1 200kg

5 000N to 20 000N
500Kg to 2 000kg

Track Actuators


4 000N Push & 3 000N Pull
400kg Push & 300kg Pull

750N to 4 000N
75Kg to 400kg

Electromechanical Linear Actuators

up to 46kN


Up to 6 000N


Up to 9 000N

Up to 10 000N

Up to 500N

Mechanical Linear Actuators

4kN to 600kN
400kg to 61ton

10kN to 25kN
1ton to 2.5ton

4kN to 15kN
400kg to 1.5ton

15kN to 200kN
1.5ton to 20ton


15kN to 250kN
1.5ton to 25ton


5kN to 150kN
500kg to 15ton


Other Products

Bath Lift

Toilet Lift

TV Lift



Not Synchronous


Rocker Switches


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Your local supplier of Electric Linear Actuators. 

We can assist with Lite Duty Linear Actuators, Heavy Duty Linear Actuators, TV Lifts & Accessories for Linear Actuators.

Linear actuators work by moving an object or piece of equipment in a straight line, moving an object extremely accurately if required. The primary reason for designing a linear actuator into a system is for the need to move a load in a linear fashion rather than a rotary one.

Typical Applications include:  Door Openers, Window Openers, Campers, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Solar Tracking, Louvers, Vent Openers, Agricultural Equipment, TV Lifts and many more.

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Your Linear Actuator Supplier in SOUTH AFRICA

At Linear Actuators South Africa (Pty) Ltd

We provide a wide range of Linear Actuators, such as:

  • AC Linear Actuators, DC Linear Actuators  from Lite Duty Linear Actuators to Industrial applications
  • Controllers
  • Tubular Linear Actuators
  • Hight Adjustable Tables
  • TV Lift 

Linear Actuators are very versatile and can be used for applications in many different industries.

Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we can customize many of our products to suit the needs of our customers.

LINACT-J Range of linear actuators available.

automation components

Our staff have over 17 years experience in technical applications and strive to offer the best service to satisfy all our customers’ requirements. We are always keen to talk to new customers and explore ways in which our products can be used. OUR PRODUCTS

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